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Go ahead and take a nice deep breath.  Is the air in your home as clean as you think it is?  Well, if you aren’t changing your air filters consistently or having your furnace annually serviced, you might be in for a little surprise.  

One of the most common issues I’ve seen during home inspections is a dirty furnace.  Some have been so dirty, the home inspector suspects the unit has never been cleaned since installation.  That means years of dust, dander, and bacteria packed around a blower, and getting pushed right back out into your living spaces.  Aside from potential health issues, a dirty filter is not as efficient as a clean one. And of course, not maintaining your furnace will result in a shorter lifespan of the unit itself.  Furnaces aren’t

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Just what makes a neighborhood, not only a place to call home, but a place to live?  Some might argue, the ability to walk to pick up some groceries, or perhaps quiet streets and easy access to a park.  For others, what makes a place to live a cool place to hangout with family and friends.  I recently had the opportunity to visit The Stanley Marketplace on the east side of Stapleton, in Aurora.  The Stanley is one of those places.

The Stanley, in it’s previous life, was an old airplane hangar at the former Stapleton International Airport.  What started out as an idea between a couple friends for a beer hall, evolved into a destination for shopping, dining, and just hanging out.  

What brought me out to The Stanley was actually an immersive theatre

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Whether you’re in Park Hill, Congress Park, Sloan’s Lake, or Montclair, I’m sure you’ve been enjoying our unseasonably warm, sunny weather here in Denver.  Naturally, the warm temps are bound to get your green thumb a little itchy, and there are some things that it is ok to do at this point in the season.  

I reached out to my friend, Patrick Kramer with Karma Fine Gardening to get his expertise on the matter.  Despite the beautiful weather, you should really hold off on planting any annuals until after Mother’s Day.  This is Colorado, and we’re still bound to experience some freezing temperatures and snow between now and then.  But if you really can’t help yourself, you can always plant some pansies.  According to Patrick, “they love the cool weather

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