Breath Easy, My Friends

Posted by on Tuesday, June 6th, 2017 at 12:07pm.

Go ahead and take a nice deep breath.  Is the air in your home as clean as you think it is?  Well, if you aren’t changing your air filters consistently or having your furnace annually serviced, you might be in for a little surprise.  

One of the most common issues I’ve seen during home inspections is a dirty furnace.  Some have been so dirty, the home inspector suspects the unit has never been cleaned since installation.  That means years of dust, dander, and bacteria packed around a blower, and getting pushed right back out into your living spaces.  Aside from potential health issues, a dirty filter is not as efficient as a clean one. And of course, not maintaining your furnace will result in a shorter lifespan of the unit itself.  Furnaces aren’t cheap to replace.


Certainly, the easiest thing to do is at least change the filter in the furnace.  However, I have seen the far majority of filters caked with dust.  Occasionally, when a filter has been changed, it was done so with a filter the wrong size which does nothing to help filter your air.  When a filter is caked with debris, the airflow needed by the furnace is reduced, causing your furnace to work harder, and again, becoming less efficient.  For pet owners, being consistent with changing your filter is vital in the dander in check.  For allergy sufferers, helping remove pollen from the air can make a tremendous difference.

So, what can you do?  Put a yearly reminder in your calendar to have your furnace serviced.  Not only does this help maintain the efficiency of your furnace, but it should help extend its life.  When it comes to filters, you can easily pick up those at most grocery stores or home improvement stores; or you can sign up for a delivery service such as FilterEasy.  With a delivery service, you don’t have to remind yourself when it’s time to change the filter, you’ll know when you get your new filter delivered.  Having used the service, I couldn’t recommend it more.  Now, go and show  your furnace some love and breath easy.



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