To Plant Or Not To Plant...

Posted by on Wednesday, March 15th, 2017 at 6:39pm.

Whether you’re in Park Hill, Congress Park, Sloan’s Lake, or Montclair, I’m sure you’ve been enjoying our unseasonably warm, sunny weather here in Denver.  Naturally, the warm temps are bound to get your green thumb a little itchy, and there are some things that it is ok to do at this point in the season.  

I reached out to my friend, Patrick Kramer with Karma Fine Gardening to get his expertise on the matter.  Despite the beautiful weather, you should really hold off on planting any annuals until after Mother’s Day.  This is Colorado, and we’re still bound to experience some freezing temperatures and snow between now and then.  But if you really can’t help yourself, you can always plant some pansies.  According to Patrick, “they love the cool weather and can withstand our spring snows.”  He also recommends cutting back any perennials or grasses that did not get cut back in the fall.

Finally, don’t forget to give your trees, shrubs, lawns, and any ground cover some water when we are expecting warmer temps above 45 degrees for several days.  This will keep them happy and healthy, and give them a great head start as we move on from Old Man Winter.

Karma Fine Gardening

You can reach Patrick Kramer, Owner of Karma Fine Gardening, at: 303-915-3397

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