So, you are getting ready to put your house up for sale.  Awesome!  In Denver's hot market, you can sell your house for top dollar - but don't get too overconfident. If your house doesn't look or feel good to potential Buyers, your home could be sitting on the market longer than you'd think.

The first rule when selling your home is to separate your emotions and personal stuff and start thinking like a Buyer. You may think your kitchen knick knacks, bright wall color and oversized living room furniture look amazing, but that's because YOU lived in it. How is a complete stranger (who may buy your home) going to feel seconds after they walk through your front door? Remember...they won't live in the house the same way you do!

There are several secrets to making your home feel welcome to a Buyer, and you can do this on your own without spending a lot of time or money!  Holly Lange, Professional Home Stager and Owner of Abundantly Clear Design, reveals some of these secrets that may help you get top dollar for your home:

De-clutter -  If you don't have a lot of places to store extra items, rent a storage space nearby.  It'll be worth it, and you can have your movers pick the items up from there and move everything all at once. Keep some space under your beds free to hide things just before a showing (like a dog bed). You don't want to completely empty out your bookshelves, but remove the personal photos and unusual knick-knacks. In the kitchen, clear your counter tops and all items posted on your fridge. Your Real Estate Agent or a Professional Stager can tell you if you have too much furniture or other items, and can make recommendations on which items will help and which might hinder the selling of your home.

Repairs  - If you have any cracks/holes in your walls, shower or sink grout, baseboards or other trim, make sure they are filled and touched up. Outside concrete is also important, so fill cracks or hire a company like Lifttech to raise any uneven areas of concrete.

Lighting - Try to have a light on any switched outlets so that it's clear what every switch controls. Make sure all light bulbs are functioning, and try to stick with "soft white" bulbs for a more pleasing look.

Do a Deep Clean - You may want to hire pros for these tasks, but this is the time to tackle those big projects like washing windows, steam cleaning carpets and getting all of those spots we often miss (i.e. vents, baseboards, curtains, upholstery). Do a "smell check"! Have a friend with a good nose tell you if the home smells like anything that could offend a Buyer (pets, smoke, musty odors). Then, take care of the causes. You may need to have your walls cleaned, or call a company that brings in air cleaners. Give Fido a bath, and even better, see if he can stay with relatives for the first week of showings. Try not to use plug-in fresheners unless the scent is very light. You don't want Buyers to think you are covering something. Musty odors in basement bathrooms could be caused by a plumbing issue. Have a professional check that out for you.

For more detailed and custom advice, consider having a professional home stager for a staging consultation report. A stager will come in with fresh eyes and give you all of the information you need to fully prepare your house for sale. Call one before you get started, so you know you are on the right track.




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